Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AAN annual meeting blog promotion ideas accepted

From AAN Annual Meeting website referenced in text
If you are not a neurologist, you probably weren't aware that the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting is this next week in New Orleans, LA.  The meeting brings to together neurologists from around the globe to learn from and connect with colleagues.  A major portion of the meeting for myself is devoted to attending medical education sessions and meetings with other neurology educators.  There will be a full day meeting of clerkships and residency directors as well as a half-day session on education topics and a poster and platform presentations.

As I go to the meeting, I'd like to be able to not only learn some things from the meeting, but also do some shameless self-promotion for my blog.  As my blog is fairly newly established, I don't really feel like it is at a stage where I could have made a poster or abstract about its relative worth to the community of educators.  As such, I may have missed an obvious outlet for creating interest and awareness in my blog.  I was wondering if others who have blogs could comment on creative ways to let people at meetings like this know that your blog exists while being relatively subtle.  I'm thinking the strategy of going to the open mic and asking a question about an unrelated presentation that ends with the statement, "...I'm very interested in this as I'd like to include it in my medical education blog found on"  Are there ways of spreading blog love at meetings?  Thanks for the advice.

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